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AfriMeasure (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Mozifields Investments, which was founded in 2007 by dynamic entrepreneur Dean Mogale, who is also CEO of AfriMeasure. He plays a leading and active role in South African business and in the country’s defence industry as the current chairperson of the industry association, Aerospace Maritime & Defence (AMD) of which Afrimeasure is a member, and the Vice President Unisectoral board of trustees of BUSA (Business Unity South Africa).


We are a 100% black-owned high-technology company based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Our company has grown significantly since its establishment, and was given added impetus through a partnership we formed with a major international company based in Europe.

AfriMeasure is an electro-optical systems house which manufactures, assemble and markets high-end electro-optical devices, notably night-vision equipment.  We are responsible for quality control to the highest international standards and for after-sales service to our customers.  

From an initial focus on the South African market where we supplied the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), AfriMeasure is now also export-oriented, principally to Africa.

In considering this expansion, we maintain the stance that our products should serve only democratic governments, with the aim of promoting peace and stability on the continent of Africa.

AfriMeasure therefore forms part of the South African defence and security industry which has built an enviable global reputation for quality, cost-effective and reliable products and services. 

To be the leading defence technology manufacturer and supplier in Africa whose products would be employed for the establishment and maintenance of peace on the entire continent.

Our mission is to equip defence forces with the latest in advanced electro-optical equipment that would enable them to successfully undertake military missions with minimal casualties and advance the cause of peace.

In driving this mission we offer existing and potential new customers a range of advanced products of exceptional build quality and technical support, founded on unwavering commitment.